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Oct-2014Molecular structure and polymorphism of a cyclohexanediol: trans-1,4-cyclohexanedimethanolRosado, Mário T. S. ; Maria, Teresa M. R. ; Castro, Ricardo A. E. ; Canotilho, João ; Silva, Manuela Ramos ; Eusébio, M. Ermelinda S. articleopenAccess
15-May-2003Molecular Structure of Butanediol Isomers in Gas and Liquid States: Combination of DFT Calculations and Infrared Spectroscopy StudiesJesus, A. J. Lopes ; Rosado, Mário T. S. ; Leitão, M. Luísa P. ; Redinha, José S. articleopenAccess
2007Molecular structure of mono- and 1,2-aminoderivatives of cyclohexane: Steric strain effects as determining factorsTomé, Luciana I. N. ; Rosado, Mário T. S. ; Eusébio, M. Ermelinda S. ; Redinha, J. S. articleopenAccess
20-Oct-2006Stepwise conformational cooling towards a single isomeric state in the four internal rotors system 1,2-butanediolReva, Igor D. ; Jesus, António J. Lopes ; Rosado, Mário T. S. ; Fausto, Rui ; Eusébio, M. Ermelinda ; Redinha, J. S. articleopenAccess
1-Sep-2008The structure of betaxolol from single crystal X-ray diffraction and natural bond orbital analysisCanotilho, João ; Castro, Ricardo A. E. ; Rosado, Mário T. S. ; Silva, M. Ramos ; Beja, A. Matos ; Paixão, J. A. ; Redinha, J. Simões articleopenAccess
22-May-2008Structure of Isolated 1,4-Butanediol: Combination of MP2 Calculations, NBO Analysis, and Matrix-Isolation Infrared SpectroscopyJesus, A. J. Lopes ; Rosado, Mário T. S. ; Reva, Igor ; Fausto, Rui ; Eusébio, M. Ermelinda S. ; Redinha, J. S. articleopenAccess
1-Sep-2008Structure of the 2-isopropylaminoethanol isolated molecule: Conformational analysis and intramolecular interactionsNunes, Sandra C. C. ; Eusébio, M. Ermelinda S. ; Jesus, A. J. Lopes ; Rosado, Mário T. S. ; Redinha, J. S. articleopenAccess