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31-May-2018Establishing priorities for psychological interventions in pediatric settings: A decision-tree approach using the DISABKIDS-10 Index as a screening instrumentSilva, Neuza ; Bullinger, Monika ; Moreira, Helena ; Canavarro, Maria Cristina ; Carona, Carlos articleopenAccess
2013Examining a developmental approach to health-related quality of life assessment: Psychometric analysis of DISABKIDS generic module in a Portuguese sampleCarona, Carlos ; Crespo, Carla ; Silva, Neuza ; Lopes, Ana Filipa ; Canavarro, Maria Cristina ; Bullinger, Monika articleopenAccess
2016Explaining parent-child (dis)agreement in generic and short stature-specific health-related quality of life reports: do family and social relationships matter?Quitmann, Julia ; Rohenkohl, Anja ; Sommer, Rachel ; Bullinger, Monika ; Silva, Neuza articleopenAccess
2013Family Cohesion and Health-Related Quality of Life of Children with Type 1 Diabetes: The Mediating Role of Parental AdjustmentMoreira, Helena ; Frontini, Roberta ; Bullinger, Monika ; Canavarro, Maria Cristina articleopenAccess
2013HRQoL of European children and adolescents with short stature as assessed with generic (KIDSCREEN) and chronic-generic (DISABKIDS) instrumentsSilva, Neuza ; Bullinger, Monika ; Quitmann, Julia ; Ravens-Sieberer, Ulrike ; Rohenkohl, Anja articleopenAccess
2013Psychological and Quality of Life Outcomes in Pediatric Populations: A Parent-Child PerspectiveMoreira, Helena ; Carona, Carlos ; Silva, Neuza ; Frontini, Roberta ; Bullinger, Monika ; Canavarro, Maria Cristina articleopenAccess
2014The Portuguese DISABKIDS Asthma Module: A global index of asthma-specific quality of life for children and adolescentsSilva, Neuza ; Carona, Carlos ; Crespo, Carla ; Bullinger, Monika ; Canavarro, Maria Cristina articleopenAccess
2015Why the (dis)agreement? Family context and child-parent perspectives on health-related quality of life and psychological problems in paediatric asthmaSilva, Neuza ; Crespo, Carla ; Carona, Carlos ; Bullinger, Monika ; Canavarro, Maria Cristina articleopenAccess