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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
Sep-2015Optical and Magnetic properties of Transition Metal clustersGonçalves, Tiago João Ferreira masterThesisopenAccess
Jul-2015Optical and Magnetical Properties of Endohedral Silicon CagesMarques, Mário Rui Gonçalves masterThesisopenAccess
18-Aug-2008Oxoperoxo Vanadium(V) Complexes of l-Lactic Acid: Density Functional Theory Study of Structure and NMR Chemical ShiftsJustino, Licínia L. G. ; Ramos, M. Luísa ; Nogueira, Fernando ; Sobral, Abilio J. F. N. ; Geraldes, Carlos F. G. C. ; Kaupp, Martin ; Burrows, Hugh D. ; Fiolhais, C. articleopenAccess
Sep-2009Phase-field models for tumor growth uin the avascular phaseSilva, Susana Patrícia Lopes Dias da masterThesisopenAccess
1999A plane-wave pseudopotential description of charged clustersNogueira, Fernando ; Martins, J. L. ; Fiolhais, Carlos articleopenAccess
2000Structural phase transitions in Na, Mg and Al crystals: dominant role of the valence in local pseudopotential theoryPerdew, John P. ; Nogueira, Fernando ; Fiolhais, Carlos articleopenAccess
14-Apr-2009Structure Dependence of Hyperpolarizability in Octopolar MoleculesCardoso, C. ; Abreu, P. E. ; Nogueira, F. articleopenAccess
1997Tests of a density-based local pseudopotential for sixteen simple metalsPollack, L. ; Perdew, John P. ; He, Jingsong; Marques, M. ; Nogueira, Fernando ; Fiolhais, Carlos articleopenAccess
11-Oct-2018Time-dependent local density of states as a tool to study optical responseBarros, Tomás Périé de masterThesisopenAccess
1996Transferability of a local pseudopotential based on solid-state electron densityNogueira, Fernando ; Fiolhais, Carlos ; He, Jingsong; Perdew, John P. ; Rubio, Angel articleopenAccess
15-Jan-1999Trends in the properties and structures of the simple metals from a universal local pseudopotentialNogueira, Fernando ; Fiolhais, Carlos ; Perdew, John P. articleopenAccess