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2002Synthesis, characterization and biodistribution of bisphosphonates Sm-153 complexes: correlation with molecular modeling interaction studiesNeves, M. ; Gano, L. ; Pereira, N. ; Costa, M. C. ; Costa, M. R. ; Chandia, M. ; Rosado, M. ; Fausto, R. articleopenAccess
13-Sep-2019Synthesis, Structural Studies, and Magnetic Properties of a New Mixed-Valence Diphosphate: Zn2+5Fe3+2(P2O7)4Lamsaf, H.; Elghadraoui, E. H.; Lourenço, Rui Fausto ; Oulmekki, A.; Costa, B. F. O. articleembargoedAccess
2-Mar-2018Synthesis, Structure, and Cytotoxicity of a New Sulphanyl-Bridged Thiadiazolyl-Saccharinate Conjugate: The Relevance of S···N InteractionCabral, Lília I. L. ; Brás, Elisa M. ; Henriques, Marta S. C. ; Marques, Cátia ; Frija, Luís M. T. ; Barreira, Luísa ; Paixão, José António ; Fausto, Rui articleembargoedAccess
Nov-2010Tautomer Selective Photochemistry in 1-(Tetrazol-5-yl)ethanolIsmael, A. ; Cristiano, M. L. S. ; Fausto, R. ; Gómez-Zavaglia, A. articleopenAccess
2006Tempo e ciênciaMarnoto, Rita ; Fausto, Rui bookopenAccess
Jun-2008The Chapman-type rearrangement in pseudosaccharins: The case of 3-(methoxy)-1,2-benzisothiazole 1,1-dioxideKaczor, A. ; Proniewicz, L. M. ; Almeida, R. ; Gómez-Zavaglia, A. ; Cristiano, M. L. S. ; Beja, A. M. Matos ; Silva, M. Ramos ; Fausto, R. articleopenAccess
15-Dec-2020The crystal structure and Raman spectrum of the sodium salt of 5-Acetic acid hydantoinNogueira, Bernardo A. ; Ildiz, Gulce O. ; Tabanez, Andreia M. ; Henriques, M. S. C.; Paixão, José A. ; Rui Fausto articleembargoedAccess
1986The high energy s-trans conformers of CH3COOH and CH3COOCH3: a molecular mechanics and vibrational study of CH3COCl, CH3COOH and CH3COOCH3Fausto, R. ; Teixeira-Dias, J. J. C. articleopenAccess
2013The thermal sigmatropic isomerization of pseudosaccharyl crotyl etherCabral, L. I. L. ; Maria, T. M. R. ; Martelo, L. ; Eusébio, M. E. S. ; Cristiano, M. L. S. ; Fausto, R. articleopenAccess
Jul-2010Thermal and Photoinduced Control of Relative Populations of 4-Methoxybenzaldehyde (p-Anisaldehyde) ConformersKus, Nihal ; Sharma, Archna ; Reva, Igor ; Lapinski, Leszek ; Fausto, Rui articleopenAccess
Dec-2009Thermal decomposition of allantoin as probed by matrix isolation FTIR spectroscopyKuş, N. ; Bayarı, S. Haman ; Fausto, R. articleopenAccess
Apr-2002Thermal study of simple amino-alcohol solutionsBaudot, Anne ; Cacela, Constança ; Duarte, Maria Leonor ; Fausto, Rui articleopenAccess
16-Apr-2009Thermally Induced Sigmatropic Isomerization of Pseudosaccharyl Allylic EtherGómez-Zavaglia, A. ; Kaczor, A. ; Almeida, R. ; Cristiano, M. L. S. ; Eusébio, M. E. S. ; Maria, T. M. R. ; Mobili, P. ; Fausto, R. articleopenAccess
6-Jul-2020Thiabendazole and Thiabendazole-Formic Acid Solvate: A Computational, Crystallographic, Spectroscopic and Thermal StudyTabanez, Andreia M. M. ; Nogueira, Bernardo A. ; Milani, Alberto; Eusébio, Maria Ermelinda da Silva ; Paixão, José A. ; Nur Kabuk, Hayrunnisa; Jajuga, Maria; Ildiz, Gülce O. ; Lourenço, Rui Fausto articleopenAccess
Jun-2006Unusual Photochemical C−N Bond Cleavage in the Novel Methyl 2-Chloro-3-methyl-2H-azirine-2-carboxylateGómez-Zavaglia, Andrea ; Kaczor, Agnieszka ; Cardoso, Ana L. ; Melo, Teresa M. V. D. Pinho e ; Fausto, Rui articleopenAccess
30-Sep-2019Using the optical microscope coupled Raman Spectroscopy Technique to solve research problems in the Pharmaceutical IndustryTabanez, Andreia Margarido masterThesisembargoedAccess
1995UV-induced lsomerization of (€)-Crotonic Acid. Combined Matrix-isolated IR and ab hitio MO StudyFausto, Rui ; Kulbida, Anatoly ; Schrems, Otto articleopenAccess
Jul-2007UV-induced photochemistry of matrix-isolated 1-phenyl-4-allyl-tetrazoloneFrija, L. M. T. ; Reva, I. D. ; Gómez-Zavaglia, A. ; Cristiano, M. L. S. ; Fausto, R. articleopenAccess
2006UV-induced photochemistry of methyl coumalate (methyl 2-pyrone-5-carboxylate) isolated in low-temperature inert matricesReva, I. D. ; Nowak, M. J. ; Lapinski, L. ; Fausto, R. articleopenAccess
Aug-2008UV-induced unimolecular photochemistry of 2(5H)-furanone and 2(5H)-thiophenone isolated in low temperature inert matricesBreda, S. ; Reva, I. ; Fausto, R. articleopenAccess