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29-May-2015II Bioanthropological Meeting: Life, death and in between. Programme - Abstract BookFernandes, Hélder ; Leandro, Inês ; Prieto, Joana ; Mendonça, Renata ; Gomes, Ricardo ; Marques, Richard bookopenAccess
1-Sep-2015International Symposium on Anthropology and Natural Disasters ISAND. Program & abstractsSantos, Ana Luísa ; Costa, Luís ; Gomes, Ricardo ; Silva, Susana Ribeiro bookopenAccess
25-May-2004Network Formation of Catanionic Vesicles and Oppositely Charged Polyelectrolytes. Effect of Polymer Charge Density and Hydrophobic ModificationAntunes, Filipe E. ; Marques, Eduardo F. ; Gomes, Ricardo ; Thuresson, Krister ; Lindman, Björn ; Miguel, Maria G. articleopenAccess