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30-Apr-2009Experimental and ab initio structural study of estertin compounds, X3SnCH2CH2CO2Me: Crystal structures of Cl3SnCH2CH2CO2Me at 120 K and Br3SnCH2CH2CO2Me at 120 and 291 KLima, Geraldo M. de ; Milne, Bruce F. ; Pereira, Robson P. ; Rocco, Ana Maria ; Skakle, Janet M. S. ; Travis, Anthony J. ; Wardell, James L. ; Wardell, Solange M. S. V. articleopenAccess
15-May-2014Photoinduced dissociation mass spectroscopy of firefly oxyluciferin anionsJensen, Marianne Winkler ; Støchkel, Kristian ; Kjær, Christina ; Knudsen, Jeppe Langeland ; Maltsev, Oleg V. ; Hintermann, Lukas ; Naumov, Panče ; Milne, Bruce F. ; Nielsen, Steen Brøndsted articleopenAccess
3-Feb-2020Synthesis, Characterization and Evaluation of the Antibacterial and Antitumor Activity of HalogenatedSalen Copper (II) Complexes derived from Camphoric AcidPires, Ana Salomé ; Batista, João; Murtinho, Dina ; Nogueira, Célia ; Karamysheva, Anna; Ramos, Maria Luísa ; Milne, Bruce ; Tavares, Nuno Tiago; Gonçalves, José; Gonçalves, Ana Cristina ; Abrantes, Ana Margarida ; Soares, Rui; Gonçalves, Teresa ; Botelho, Maria Filomena ; Silva Serra, Maria Elisa articleembargoedAccess