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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2016Short report: Evidence of non-masticatory dental use in Bronze Age individuals exhumed from the Necropolis of Casas Velhas (Portugal)Silva, Ana Maria ; Gil, Pedro ; Soares, Joaquina ; Silva, Carlos Tavares da articleopenAccess
2012Study of stafne's defects in Late Neolithic, Late Roman, Medieval and Modern skeletal samples from PortugalWasterlain, Sofia N. ; Silva, Ana Maria articleembargoedAccess
2016The mandibular molar pit-tubercle (MMPT) dental nonmetric trait: Comprehensive analysis of a large sampleMarado, Luís Miguel ; Silva, Ana Maria articleopenAccess
2016The transition to agriculture in south-western Europe: new isotopic insights from Portugal's Atlantic coastGuiry, Eric J. ; Hillier, Maria ; Boaventura, Rui ; Silva, Ana Maria ; Oosterbeek, Luiz ; Tomé, Tiago ; Valera, António ; Cardoso, João Luís ; Hepburn,articleopenAccess
2014Ties between Portugal and Brazil: A contribution from dental morphologyMarado, Luís Miguel ; Silva, Ana Maria articleopenAccess
2008Um caso de osteomielite na tíbia de um esqueleto masculino da Igreja Românica de S. João de Almedina (Coimbra)Tereso, Sofia ; Furtado, Marta ; Silva, Ana Maria conferenceObjectopenAccess