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19-Sep-2016Depth Camera Based Image Processing for Indoor Mobile Robots Localization and NavigationFerreira, Ivo André Serafim masterThesisopenAccess
27-Feb-2017Development of a Robotic Head to Express Human EmotionsLoureiro, Ricardo Gomes masterThesisopenAccess
28-Sep-2017Fusion of inertial data in industrial Automated Guided VehiclesFernandes, Bruno Miguel da Silva masterThesisopenAccess
23-Sep-2016Human-computer Interaction: Handwriting LearningAlmeida, Rui Colaço de masterThesisopenAccess
13-Oct-2017Indoor perception and navigation strategies for assistive roboticsRosa, José Manuel Ribeiro masterThesisopenAccess
29-Sep-2017Interbot Mobile Robot: Human-Robot Interaction ModulesCruz, Ricardo Jorge Santos da masterThesisopenAccess
19-Sep-2016INTERBOT Mobile Robot: Navigation ModulesConceição, André Francisco da masterThesisopenAccess
27-Sep-2017Laser-based localization methods for mobile robots: a SLAM perspectiveQuintas, Filipe Manuel Marques masterThesisopenAccess
22-Sep-2016Valve and Steam Trap Component Recognition Using Machine Vision in an Industrial ApplicationSoares, João Cachulo masterThesisopenAccess