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2-Mar-2022A dataset of 175k stable and metastable materials calculated with the PBEsol and SCAN functionalsSchmidt, Jonathan; Wang, Hai-Chen; Cerqueira, Tiago F. T. ; Botti, Silvana; Marques, Miguel A. L. articleopenAccess
7-Mar-2017High-throughput search of ternary chalcogenides for p-type transparent electrodesShi, J. ; Cerqueira, T.F.T. ; Cui, W. ; Nogueira, F. ; Botti, S. ; Marques, M. A. L. articleopenAccess
18-Oct-2018Structural prediction and materials design from high throughput to global minima optimization methodsCerqueira, Tiago Frederico Teixiera doctoralThesisopenAccess