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Sep-2006Econometric analysis of healthcare utilization : an alternative hurdle specification using latent class modelsLourenço, Óscar Domingos ; Ferreira, Pedro Lopes ; Barros, Pedro Pita conferenceObjectopenAccess
2007Seguro de saúde privado em PortugalLourenço, Óscar ; Barros, Pedro Pita conferenceObjectopenAccess
17-Apr-2014The Demand for Preventive Health Care and Health Insurance: evidence for PortugalOliveira, Sandra Margarida Bernardes de doctoralThesisembargoedAccess
20-Nov-2007Unveiling health care consumption groups : a latent class approach in the portuguese health data contextLourenço, Óscar Domingos doctoralThesisopenAccess