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2018Developing a Geologically Based VS30 Site‐Condition Model for Portugal: Methodology and Assessment of the Performance of ProxiesVilanova, Susana P. ; Narciso, João ; Carvalho, João P. ; Lopes, Isabel ; Quinta‐Ferreira, Mário ; Pinto, Carlos C. ; Moura, Rui ; Borges, José ; Nemser, Eliza S. articleopenAccess
2017Tectonic and lithological controls on fluvial landscape development in central-eastern Portugal: Insights from long profile tributary stream analysesMartins, António A. ; Cabral, João ; Cunha, Pedro P. ; Stokes, Martin ; Borges, José ; Caldeira, Bento ; Martins, A. Cardoso articleopenAccess