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2003Low temperature polymorphism in 3-amino-1-propanolCacela, C. ; Baudot, A. ; Duarte, M. L. ; Matos-Beja, A. M. ; Silva, M. Ramos ; Paixão, J. A. ; Fausto, R. articleopenAccess
2000Structural and vibrational characterisation of 3-amino-1-propanol a concerted SCF-MO ab initio, Raman and infrared (matrix isolation and liquid phase) spectroscopy studyCacela, Constança ; Duarte, M. L. ; Fausto, Rui articleopenAccess
2000Vibrational analysis and structural implications of H-bonding in isolated and aggregated 2-amino-1-propanol: a study by MI-IR and Raman spectroscopy and molecular orbital calculationsFausto, R. ; Cacela, C. ; Duarte, M. L. articleopenAccess