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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2004Automatic correction of the time step in implicit simulations of the stamping processOliveira, M. C. ; Menezes, L. F. articleopenAccess
1-Sep-2008Blank design for deep drawn parts using parametric NURBS surfacesPadmanabhan, R. ; Oliveira, M. C. ; Baptista, A. J. ; Alves, J. L. ; Menezes, L. F. articleopenAccess
1998The coated surface hardness: a kinematic modelFernandes, J. V. ; Menezes, L. F. ; Trindade, A. C. articleopenAccess
2007Effect of anisotropy on the deep-drawing of mild steel and dual-phase steel tailor-welded blanksPadmanabhan, R. ; Baptista, A. J. ; Oliveira, M. C. ; Menezes, L. F. articleopenAccess
2002Experimental and numerical study of reverse re-drawing of anisotropic sheet metalsThuillier, S. ; Manach, P. Y. ; Menezes, L. F. ; Oliveira, M. C. articleopenAccess
2003Improvement of a frictional contact algorithm for strongly curved contact problemsOliveira, M. C. ; Alves, J. L. ; Menezes, L. F. articleopenAccess
19-Jul-2006A indentação de materiais maciços e filmes finos : modelação e análise inversaAntunes, Jorge Manuel Afonso doctoralThesisopenAccess
21-Dec-2017Influence of Aging in the Warm Forming of 6xxx series Aluminum AlloysSimões, Vasco Manuel Neto doctoralThesisembargoedAccess
2008Influence of draw restraining force on the springback in advanced high strength steelsPadmanabhan, R. ; Sung, Jihyun ; Lim, H. ; Oliveira, M. C. ; Menezes, L. F. ; Wagoner, R. H. articleopenAccess
2007Influence of process parameters on the deep drawing of stainless steelPadmanabhan, R. ; Oliveira, M. C. ; Alves, J. L. ; Menezes, L. F. articleopenAccess
2004The influence of the HAZ softening on the mechanical behaviour of welded joints containing cracks in the weld metalRodrigues, D. M. ; Menezes, L. F. ; Loureiro, A. articleopenAccess
2007Influence of Vickers tip imperfection on depth sensing indentation testsAntunes, J. M. ; Menezes, L. F. ; Fernandes, J. V. articleopenAccess
2002A kinematic and incremental integration model for the micromechanical numerical analysis of dual-phase materialsTeixeira-Dias, F. ; Menezes, L. F. articleopenAccess
1-Sep-2008Material parameters identification: Gradient-based, genetic and hybrid optimization algorithmsChaparro, B. M. ; Thuillier, S. ; Menezes, L. F. ; Manach, P. Y. ; Fernandes, J. V. articleopenAccess
2000A model for coated surface hardnessFernandes, J. V. ; Trindade, A. C. ; Menezes, L. F. ; Cavaleiro, A. articleopenAccess
2005Modelling of anisotropic work-hardening behaviour of metallic materials subjected to strain-path changesBouvier, S. ; Alves, J. L. ; Oliveira, M. C. ; Menezes, L. F. articleopenAccess
2004Modelling the effect of HAZ undermatching on the crack-tip stress distribution in idealized weldsRodrigues, D. M. ; Menezes, L. F. ; Loureiro, A. articleopenAccess
1998A modified swift law for prestrained materialsFernandes, J. V. ; Rodrigues, D. M. ; Menezes, L. F. ; Vieira, M. F. articleopenAccess
2007A new approach for reverse analyses in depth-sensing indentation using numerical simulationAntunes, J. M. ; Fernandes, J. V. ; Menezes, L. F. ; Chaparro, B. M. articleopenAccess
2006Numerical analysis of large deformation processes at elevated temperaturesAndrade-Campos, A. ; Menezes, L. F. ; Teixeira-Dias, F. articleopenAccess