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2006Association of HFE common mutations with Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease and mild cognitive impairment in a Portuguese cohortGuerreiro, Rita J. ; Brás, José M. ; Santana, Isabel ; Januário, Cristina ; Santiago, Beatriz ; Morgadinho, Ana S. ; Ribeiro, Maria H. ; Hardy, John ; Singleton, Andrew ; Oliveira, Catarina articleopenAccess
2004Frontotemporal dementia and mitochondrial DNA transitionsGrazina, Manuela ; Silva, Filipe ; Santana, Isabel ; Santiago, Beatriz ; Mendes, Cândida ; Simões, Marta; Oliveira, Miguel ; Cunha, Luís ; Oliveira, Catarina articleopenAccess
3-Mar-2010Genetic Variability in CLU and Its Association with Alzheimer's DiseaseGuerreiro, Rita J. ; Beck, John ; Gibbs, J. Raphael ; Santana, Isabel ; Rossor, Martin N. ; Schott, Jonathan M. ; Nalls, Michael A. ; Ribeiro, Helena ; Santiago, Beatriz ; Fox, Nick C. ; Oliveira, Catarina ; Collinge, John ; Mead, Simon ; Singleton, Andrew ; Hardy, John articleopenAccess
2020The Retinal Inner Plexiform Synaptic Layer Mirrors Grey Matter Thickness of Primary Visual Cortex with Increased Amyloid β Load in Early Alzheimer's DiseaseJorge, Lília; Canário, Nádia; Martins, Ricardo ; Santiago, Beatriz ; Santana, Isabel ; Quental, Hugo; Ambrósio, Francisco ; Bernardes, Rui ; Castelo-Branco, Miguel articleopenAccess