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2004Insights from pattern of mtDNA variation into the genetic history of São Tomé e PríncipeTrovoada, Maria Jesus ; Pereira, Luísa ; Gusmão, Leonor ; Abade, Augusto ; Amorim, António ; Prata, Maria João articleopenAccess
2001STR data from S. Tomé e Príncipe (Gulf of Guinea, West Africa)Gusmão, Leonor ; Prata, Maria João ; Miranda, Carlos ; Trovoada, Maria de Jesus ; Amorim, António articleopenAccess
2006Y-STR haplotype diversity in distinct linguistic groups from East TimorSouto, Luís ; Gusmão, Leonor ; Amorim, António ; Côrte-Real, Francisco ; Vieira, Duarte N. articleopenAccess