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11-Jun-2020A comparative multi‐reference configuration interaction study of the low‐lying states of two thione isomers of thiophenolLima, Filipe Belarmino de; Pereira Rodrigues, Gessenildo; Lucena Júnior, Juracy Regis ; Ventura, Elizete ; Rui Fausto ; Reva, Igor ; Monte, Silmar Andrade do articleembargoedAccess
30-Oct-2007Dissociation of ground and nσ* states of CF3Cl using multireference configuration interaction with singles and doubles and with multireference average quadratic coupled cluster extensivity correctionsLucena Jr, Juracy R. ; Ventura, Elizete ; Monte, Silmar A. do ; Araújo, Regiane C. M. U. ; Ramos, Mozart N. ; Fausto, Rui articleopenAccess