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24-Jan-2017Análise de risco de queda de árvores: a espécie Tilia tomentosa Moench no Parque Dr. Manuel Braga, Coimbra/PortugalFerreira, Danielly masterThesisopenAccess
2012Climatic information in tree-ring width and vessel features of Quercus ilex L.Abrantes, José Manuel Ferrão masterThesisopenAccess
14-Sep-2018Drought recovery of Maritime pine saplings (Pinus pinaster Ait.): Short and Long-term effectsFonseca, Ana Margarida Dias Ferrão masterThesisopenAccess
17-Sep-2013Efeito do coberto vegetal na composição mineral de solos de minaCorreia, Ana Sofia Marques masterThesisopenAccess
19-Jul-2018The impact of drought events on the xylogenesis and phloem anatomy of Pinus pinaster Aiton saplings.Moura, Mikael Alvites masterThesisopenAccess
14-Nov-2000Seasonal transport, allocation and speciation of nickel in Quercus ilex grown on serpentine and nickel spiked soilSantos, Maria Cristina Amaral Penas Nabais dos doctoralThesisembargoedAccess